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It has been a while since I wrote about our updates. Sorry about that.
Since last time, a lot has been tweaked and added for extra functionality, not all were announced so here's a list of things that were added or changed since last update announcement.

Wandering trader with llamas

UPDATES 002,003,004,005,006

  • Overworld border expanded to 16.000 x 16.000 blocks (map)
  • The End border was expanded to 5.000 x 5.000
  • /warp arena has been finished and can be s...

By OceIot, about 1 year ago
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Nerfing the animal farms and irongolem spam.

Due to some issues with tickrates, I have decided to nerf animal farm and iron golems.
Those are the main reasons for tickrate drops.

What changed for you?


By OceIot, about 1 year ago
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Hello boys, girls, men, and women. If you haven't noticed already we are now efficiently running 1.15.2

As with all updates, there will be quirks, bugs, quips, or just things in general that seem out of place. Never hesitate to inform us of issues you have whether it is in-game, discord, forums, web store, or the dynamic map.

We had a few minor plugin updates this time around. Most noticeable being a change to villagers. Villagers and Iron golems are the #1 cause of tick lag for the server. To combat this I have changed the pathing updates of villagers to be a bit slower. Instead of checking for beds...

By xComtechx, about 1 year ago
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Enderdragon event

Multiple Enderdragon sightings reported!

Dragon egg

We need your help!
We have been told that there are multiple dragons in the End! We cannot fight them on our own, so we are calling for a joined offense!
They seem to be reproducing at a rapid pace and we have decided to strike them before the end of this month!

By OceIot, about 1 year ago
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New traders at the marketplace


Well hello there freedom fighters!

Starting today, I will be logging all our updates to the plugins and features as an announcement on a weekly basis (unless when nothing has changed).

In our first edition, I would like to introduce some new features that were introduced by feedback from you, our players!

Referral program
We saw you asking for more ways to earn money so starting today, you can earn money by referring people ...

By OceIot, about 1 year ago
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