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Referral program, new traders and sales history for shop owners!

 Started by OceIot

New traders at the marketplace


Well hello there freedom fighters!

Starting today, I will be logging all our updates to the plugins and features as an announcement on a weekly basis (unless when nothing has changed).

In our first edition, I would like to introduce some new features that were introduced by feedback from you, our players!

Referral program
We saw you asking for more ways to earn money so starting today, you can earn money by referring people to join our server!
How does it work?
All players have access to a one-time-only command /referredby <name />.
When this command is used, it will provide a reward of $100 and 100 Claimblocks to the person who got someone to join.
The command can not be used twice by the same user.
The command can not be used on yourself.

Sales command

Getting an overview of your sales history can now be done by using 
/sales [page number]

New traders at spawn!

There are 2 new traders at spawn (see image above) who will trade iron and diamonds for rare or unobtainable items, like bee nests and elytra!
Check them out at the marketplace at /spawn (For directions, consult the signpost below the big tree).

See you next week with more goodies!

By OceIot, about 1 year ago