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Event: The End of their rule!

 Started by OceIot

Enderdragon event

Multiple Enderdragon sightings reported!

Dragon egg

We need your help!
We have been told that there are multiple dragons in the End! We cannot fight them on our own, so we are calling for a joined offense!
They seem to be reproducing at a rapid pace and we have decided to strike them before the end of this month!

Bring your friends and join us on Friday, January 31st to fight the Enderdragons and to remind them that we are on top of the food chain!
Whoever kills the last of them will get to keep the dragon egg!

Prepare yourself some good armor and a nice bow, because the dragons have found a way to prevent us from flying on their main island!


See you on the battlefield,
Team Freedom.

By OceIot, about 1 year agoLast edited: about 1 year ago