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Entity nerfs for golems and animal farms

 Started by OceIot

Nerfing the animal farms and irongolem spam.

Due to some issues with tickrates, I have decided to nerf animal farm and iron golems.
Those are the main reasons for tickrate drops.

What changed for you?


  • All iron golems who are with 4 or more, for a distance of 8, will freeze in place so that the server doesn't have to calculate all that they bump into (other golems or villagers).
  • This does not affect any of the currently existing iron farms, nor will it affect any next-gen iron farm unless it spawns 4 golems at the exact same time.


  • Animal farms in general will freeze the animals when there's 10 animals in a small area.


  • Sheep no longer eat (grief) grass. This, not because it's grief, but because it will speed up the wool-growing process, meaning you'll need less sheep, meaning less lag, TPS and FPS drops from large farms.
  • Downside: you can't detect when grass was eaten with observers.


All other farms should still work as intended. If not, shoot me a message and I will look into it.

By OceIot, about 1 year agoLast edited: about 1 year ago