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the ban appeal

Hi BonkyLonky.

Happy to hear you're on a path of improvement.
Our staff have reviewed your ban appeal and have concluded you are deserving of a second chance.
Feel free to hop on our Discord again.
Keep it clean though :)

3 months ago


Appeal accepted.
I needed some time to think about whether to perform the ban or not because of how frequent Ninja is playing with us.
But in the end I have to enforce the rules equally for everyone.
Happy that he's going to be back.

Also, Sorry it took a while, I had set it so I get notified when someone posts a ban appeal, but something must have gotten wrong because I received no notification.

about 1 year ago

Several combined updates!

It has been a while since I wrote about our updates. Sorry about that.
Since last time, a lot has been tweaked and added for extra functionality, not all were announced so here's a list of things that were added or changed since last update announcement.

Wandering trader with llamas

UPDATES 002,003,004,005,006

  • Overworld border expanded to 16.000 x 16.000 blocks (map)
  • The End border was expanded to 5.000 x 5.000
  • /warp arena has been finished and can be swapped into a spleef arena, mob arena, or PVP arena (upon request)
  • New World added! /warp resend is a Resource End World which will reset on the first day of each month.
    • NOTE: Please don't be greedy. The resources in this world are for everyone. There's no need to hoard all elytra and dragon heads just because you can. If this is abused, access will be revoked.
  • Server Resource pack was added /rp
  • New Command! /map
  • New Command! /discord
  • New Command! /website
  • New Command! /forums
  • New Command! /store aka /shop aka /donate
  • Updates to Resource pack:
    • Pigmen are now Zombie Piglins
    • Ruby gem added
    • Polar bears have a chance to have Cod in their mouths
    • 3D torches (in hand and inventory)
    • 3D Hoppers (in hand and inventory)
    • 3D Enchanting table (in hand and inventory)
    • 3D Campfire (in hand and inventory)
    • Tropical fishes in buckets have their own textures instead of the regular clownfish texture.
    • Old carrot is now new carrot
  • Ruby gem (resource pack required) is now a reward for the Top 3 voters of each monthNew wandering villager traders on
  • Cash rewards for Top voters of the month!
    • 1.000 First place
    • 750 Second place
    • 500 Third place
  • Economy is now shared across all worlds (so money gained while in the creative world won't be in limbo)
  • Durability sound when a tool is nearly breaking
  • Wandering traders now trade decorational mini-blocks for diamonds (these trades are random)
  • Wandering traders now trade Famous people (e.g. Notch) for a diamond and a Ruby (resource pack required)
  • Wandering traders now trade Hermits (e.g. ZombieCleo) for a diamond (resource pack required)
  • Wandering traders now trade OceIot's head for a Diamond block and 5 Rubies (resource pack required)



Milkybaby_ accepted our request and is now part of the staff team!

about 1 year ago


Welcome Sean! Glad to have you on board :)

about 1 year ago

Entity nerfs for golems and animal farms

Nerfing the animal farms and irongolem spam.

Due to some issues with tickrates, I have decided to nerf animal farm and iron golems.
Those are the main reasons for tickrate drops.

What changed for you?


  • All iron golems who are with 4 or more, for a distance of 8, will freeze in place so that the server doesn't have to calculate all that they bump into (other golems or villagers).
  • This does not affect any of the currently existing iron farms, nor will it affect any next-gen iron farm unless it spawns 4 golems at the exact same time.


  • Animal farms in general will freeze the animals when there's 10 animals in a small area.


  • Sheep no longer eat (grief) grass. This, not because it's grief, but because it will speed up the wool-growing process, meaning you'll need less sheep, meaning less lag, TPS and FPS drops from large farms.
  • Downside: you can't detect when grass was eaten with observers.


All other farms should still work as intended. If not, shoot me a message and I will look into it.

about 1 year ago