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Sunday Update! #1

Hello boys, girls, men, and women. If you haven't noticed already we are now efficiently running 1.15.2

As with all updates, there will be quirks, bugs, quips, or just things in general that seem out of place. Never hesitate to inform us of issues you have whether it is in-game, discord, forums, web store, or the dynamic map.

We had a few minor plugin updates this time around. Most noticeable being a change to villagers. Villagers and Iron golems are the #1 cause of tick lag for the server. To combat this I have changed the pathing updates of villagers to be a bit slower. Instead of checking for beds and what not every few ticks it now takes 600 total ticks to achieve this. We have removed 3/4 of the lag associated with villager pathing. With that being said, we are now noticing issues involving Zombies and/or Zombie Villagers. If you have them try converting them as soon as you are able. The plugin does not account for the pathing to hostile mobs. We are just looking for a medium to help out the server as a whole while still giving you the comforts of owning villagers and the perks they bring. I would never want to go the route of preventing breeding or limiting the number of villagers you can have as a whole. So if you help us, we help you.


Again I can't thank the community for being with us and growing with us. It's an honor to call you pals in an never-ending quest to build and create a wonderful server. Have a great one and we will see you in game

about 1 year ago