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Chest shop

How to create a shop
  1. Place a chest or barrel down
  2. Place a sign on the chest or barrel, or directly above it (on a wall)
  3. Write the following on the sign:
    1. Leave blank, it will auto fill in your username.
    2. [number of items] you want people to buy in one purchase.
    3. The price of the items, either:
      B [price] the price of your items (in this case you sell the items)
      S [price] the price of  the items (in this case, you buy the items)
      B [price] : S [price] the prices for both selling and buying the items.
    4. [item id] Hold the item in your hand and type /iinfo OR place the item in the chest or barrel and type ? on the bottom of the sign instead of the id.
Example of completed ChestShop sign: